3 Primary Goals

I have completed 1 major goal: helping the Miranu find a new world to inhabit in the Ji nebula. What are the other 2 goals and how do I get started on them?

Aider les humains contre les Voinians, début sur Terre, sur Knox, sur Nouvelle Tarente pou sur Huron, je ne sais plus, et aider un des strands contre les deux autres, je crois qu'il y a un résumé des lieux de départ dans la série questions de Jive, mais, de mémoire, c'est Pozdag-3, Kitrak (que je recommande) ou La Pointe du Sud

Help the humans against the (stupid, stupid) Voinians, start on Earth, Knoz, New Taranto or Huron, I don't remember, and help one of the strands against the two others. I think you can find a list of the starting points in Jive's Question string. If I remember correctly, it's Pozdag-3, Kitrak (which I recommend) and South Tip.

Good luck.

Stupid, stupid voinian creatures.

For helping UE against the Voinians, it's a good idea, though not essential, to do the mission where you rescue the Voinian defector.

What really needs to be done is that you have to help out the Emalghia. You find them north of Voinain space. Land on Emalghia and it goes from there.

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