I want to know where I can download an emulator so I can play EVO. Please write me at TwisterFreak2000@aol.com if you know where I can download an emulator.


Goto (url="http://"http://www.ardi.com/")http://www.ardi.com/(/url) to download Executor, the easiest (so far) free mac emulator i've found.


Executor is VERY hard to get to work with your PC and EVO, but it can be done. Read the Executor FAQ at ardi, and if you have questions, post them here.


I have been using Executor also, but I have been trying to switch to SoftMac due to lack of sound and inability to dock fighters. Even with the shareware RAM restriction, I have been able to get EVO 1.0.1 to run (but not 1.0.2).
However, once the game starts, I can only thrust upward, and my blaze cannons only go upward, but with the image of the shot at the correct angle (yes, they sometimes go sideways, etc.)
Does anyone have any ideas to fix it?


Big question why use an emulater?? Macs kick ass. Even when useing Virtual PC they work great and can do both. I am a Mac addict plain and simple

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