Making my own...

how do i make my own plug-in? where do i go to get the stuff i need to make it (EV edit?)? and are these things for free?


OK - go to the Add-on files page. Download ResEdit and EVOBAE, as well as the EVO templates. EV-Edit is useful too, if buggy. Then ask around on the developer's board for more help.

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Also, you should take a look at existing plug-ins, as well as the Override data files themselves, with ResEdit. You'll learn quite a lot this way.

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If you download the newest version of EVO, a folder call "Plug-in developers" (or similar) contains useful information.

ResEdit (free) is available from any self-respecting macdownload site, including this page:

EV-Edit (shareware... VERY annoying way of counting the number plug-ins you've "edited"... delay before starting gets long fast, so you'll want to register for about two hours' pay) is available at this URL:

Scroll down until you find the appropriate file.

Some tips on their use:

EV-Edit is easier. Use it (backing up OFTEN because it's buggy... who knows what might fail) as long as you can. If you can't get certain things to work out, use the EVO Bible and ResEdit.

If you have trouble, check out the developers' board hosted on the same site as this one. They will (or will not) be glad to help... I've never posted there, myself... yet.