Anyone know where this plug is? I have it, I can't find the site to it.

It's called Strand "Wars." Here's a list of what it adds:
3 systems per strand
5 planets per strand
compatible with "Triple Agent"
Azdara X-Wing
Azdgari Carrier
Azdgari Cruiser
Super Azdara (renamed and revised for Enhanced Azdara)
Azdara double-time Bay
Azdgari Arada Bay
Azdgari Manoeuver Fix
Phoenix Torpedoes
Peregrine Missiles
Speed Dispersal Rockets
Igazra Cruiser
Igadzra Fighter
Igadzra Bomber
Igadzra Demolisher
Hunt and Demolish Modules (HAD)
Igadzra Bomber Bay
Plasma Siphon
Plasma Beam Turret (that green thing you see when you play with the Zidagar side without this plug)
Zidara Berserker
Zidara Megacarrier
Zidagar CrystalClad(?)
Zidagar Cruiser Prototype
Destructo Beam
Weapons Shrinker (gives an extra 20 tons)
Mass Shrinker (jump time reduces 25%)
Phase Beam Turret
10 more unpurchasable weapons
3 more unpurchasable ships

Also, someone deleted this post when I posted it last. Is it something I said?

Azdgari Visionary, Leader of Squadron Firebird, Garit Fleet Commander, Azdara Stunt Pilot

Azdgari Carrier

Destructo Beam
Pheonix Torpedoes