Where in the galaxy is Anna Balashova?

Okay, I give up--I've been flying around for two months (game time) hunting for Anna Balashova. All I found was a derelict turncoat that was supposed to be some kind of trap, and literally everywhere I go I am annoyed by squadrons of renegades. Anyone have any ideas on where to find a kidnapped warship designer? Thanks.


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Try a renagade planet...

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Damn.. I've been trying this one too.. I've been bribing my way on to Renegade planets all around the lower quadrant.. Costing me a fortune..


Three words: Go to Freeport.

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Yeah, go to Freeport. That is where you can use the Ship description. Land there, and it will start the sring of missions. They are pretty easy. A good way to boost your combat rating.