What can you do with EV-Edit?

Although I guess I could work with ResEdit and the EVO Bible alone, there are certain things that would be so much easier with EV-Edit, such as the editing of missions, systems, stellars etc... So my question is:

Which parts of EV-Edit can safely be used for plug-in creation? Does EV-Edit corrupt plug-ins only in certain situation or is it inherently destructive?

-- Cinga


EV-edit suxs it corrupts just about every thing and the hyper lanes change alll the time whill your playing an ev-edited plug-in where the systems are edited with ev-edit.

P.S.can you tell me where to get the stawars plug-in with the great graphics. I need it for EVO I'm tring to give it X variables.

P.P.S. Resourcerer is worth buying for plugin editing I have it and with the templates it's great.

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EV-Edit is simple and easy to use if you know what you can't do. Personally, I find it the best mission editor around, but I have to use ResEdit to link mission strings together. And for the love of God, DO NOT make uninhabited systems or set any Visbits. I'm not sure what the other bugs are, but hey, I'm sure someone else does.

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Use EVO Developer's Map for all your map making needs. It should be available in the Add-ons section.

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