Getting started in F-25

Okay, I met the scientist on Station Pybin. Then took him where he needed to go. After returning him to Mira nothing happened. I've been flying around trying to get to the new systems (which I can see on the map) but can't seem to find the way. Is there a problem, or am I simply missing something? It may be helpful to know I've finished the 3 objectives but none of the missions that are said to conflict with F-25. I also have EVO 1.0.2. Thanks for any and all help.



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Search NW of the Nebula.


Im not sure, but I think that F-25 may be incompatable with EVO 1.0.2.
Make sure that you have done the UE cruiser missions and the Free Huron String too.


F-25 is near-perfectly compatible with 1.0.2, except you, at least I, don't get money during the first missions and, other problem which I don't remember with 1.0.1, you get attecked by UE ships when in non-UE space and flying a Querin ship (which, I think, is because the Querin have the same govt number as the Voinians).

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