How do you perform the Monty Python manuever?

OK- I've heard about it over and over, but I still don't know how to do it.What is the Monty Python? You can label be clueless, but someone could tell me, I'd be grateful.

It s0unds rea1 simp1e, but it is hard t0 perf0rm, n0t t0 menti0n verrrrrrryyyyyyyy stupid/cheap. Infact, in vers. 1.02 (re1eased yesterday), it is imp0ssib1e.

First, y0u swive1 turrets 0r guns (any kind but b1aze r ema1gha)

Y0u get in a batt1e with s0me0ne. Y0u c0me t0 a fu11 st0p.

they f1y t0wards u.

y0u turn away fr0m them, and start s10w1y in the 0pp0site directi0n 0f them.

when the reach the edge 0f yur screen, match their speed s0 that y0u aren't escaping them and they aren't catching up.

H01d "a" (aut0pi10t, makes u face them)

Sh00t. The b01ts sh0u1d hit them. Keep sh00ting ti11 they die. If they catch up, break 0ut and start 0ver. yu may need t0 s1w dwn, then speed up again if ur guns d0nt reach them.

Have fun!


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Yep, I've done that. I didn't know it was the MP manouver, though...

The thing is that for some reason the computer doesn't fire until you are well within range, so you can get off shots on them at the edge of your range. It's a pretty boring way of disabling or destroying a ship, but it can be done if need be...

And yes, this is supposed to be impossible in 1.0.2. I haven't gotten far enough to have a warship of any kind with my new pilot, so I don't know if it was actually gotten rid of...

Oh, and the allusion is to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where they destroy the killer rabit with the Holy Hand Grenade. However, I don't quite know exactly what this has to do with what is essentially a bug from 1.0.1 which allows you to get off free shots on the computer. Oh well... 🙂

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You still can perform the MP maneuver. Just use turrets with a longer range than the enemy's and stay out of their range while firing at them. I don't really know weapons ranges, but this will work with both cannons and turrets.


The reference to Monty Python comes from (if I remember correctly) to King Arthur's famous quote: "RUN AWAY!!!!!".

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i have a maneuver in which i do the same thing as the MP, but right before i engage weapons, i swing around them and circle them while they keep moving towards my initial position. since the turrets usually fire ahead of my ship, and therefore completely missing, i can safely rain down hell on my opponent without taking much damage. i cant really describe it, but i call it the "?" move where my initial position is the period underneath. although, i dont recommend performing this maneuver against a lengthy ship (igadzra, warship) since they have turrets that are placed in different parts of the ship, making the area of cross fire wider than a stubby ship (azdara, lazira)

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Originally posted by Chamrin:
**You still can perform the MP maneuver. Just use turrets with a longer range than the enemy's and stay out of their range while firing at them. I don't really know weapons ranges, but this will work with both cannons and turrets.


That's not Monty Python, that's physics. Monty Python is exploiting the stupid AI to fall into your hands. If you happen to have weaponry with superior range than your opponent, there's nothing your target can do to get you no matter how sophisticated the AI is (besides, of course, running away)


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There's also the "rope-a-dope" where you stay out of range of your opponents' missiles and stuff, but close enough to make them fire them. You let your opponent(s) shoot until they're all out of ammo ... and then you finish them off (hopefully your shields are still strong.

Sometimes you can combine the Monty with this but usually I find that the "Circle-of-Fire" (circling and firing your turrets/guns, staying ahead of the AI's aiming as it follows you aroung) draws a lot more ammo. A fast ship is highly recommended. A critical design factor of a ship is whether it can stay ahead of missiles and torpedoes without using afterburners. This is a VERY valuable asset. No shields (well, very few) can withstand a whole enemy fleets' ammo ... avoidance is critical.


That's one tough bunny....


By the way, I don't know for you, but I had no problems to Monty Python In 1.0.2 (as long as my ship is quicker than the dude's one, which is easy with the Voinians, the only one I frequently MP.


Yeah, I'm not too impressed with the new AI. The only big improvement is that all the fighters come after you at once. The Monty Python manouver is still quite doable from what I've seen.

As for the Rope-a-dope manouver, asteroids help a LOT. Sometimes you can anticipate where one is coming from, and move so that an asteroid is in-between it and you. Even Pursuit missiles and SADs can't evade an asteroid that's right in the way.

Another thing that's cool to do with a manouverable ship is to trick opponents with dispy rockets into hurting themselves. It can be kind of hard to do, but if they fire right into an asteroid right in front of themselves, the splash explosion takes off some of their sheilds.

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