Any way to reset missions?

I've got a good pilot with nice ships and money. But the missions are all messed up! One I went and killed all the Adzgari (sp?) (or was it another strand? whatever.) in a system a bunch of times. Fighting large fleets each time. But the mission never completes. Then it crashed! :frown: On another, even though I destroyed the Dreadnot before because I changed ships and had no cloak, there comes a mission to destroy it! Ok, fine whatever, I'll kill it again, but somehow the Voinians on Vingit decided I had docking privledges. So when I arrive with my support of destroyers that the mission provides they all attack me! How dumb is that!

So, with all that background, does anybody know how to reset missions without starting completely over? Is there a plugin for that? A few other missions got messed up as well. It would suck to have to start completely over.

Thanks in advance.