Weapons Config Question

There is this mission that I know I will face a horde of small very fast and manuverable fighters. What should I load my Crescent Warship with?

I have tried Persuit Missiles but they are to erratic. Half the time they go straight to the target and other times they spin out of control.

Sad modules I find them useless they just fly around hitting nothing but air and asteroids.

Are needles any good or how about hunter missiles?

Any help is appreciated


Forget Guided weapons, if you are in a system with asteroids, they are completely ineffective. However, some say that needles are ok if you have a lot.

If you are flying a fast, maneuvorableship, Arada, UE Fighter, Crescent Fighter, Etc, use dispersal rockets, and get real close-Note: Do not use Dispersal Rockets on Voinians.

If you are flying a Capital ship, or even a well armed freighter, evade the fighters until they form a small cluster that chases you. When they do, make fly past them as fast as you can using Blaze of Phase turrets, and firing Dispersal rockets-Again, do not use Dispy's against voinians, try regular rockets. Also, Phase Cannons don't seem to work to well against Voinians. I personally, can't beat any Azdgari ships with my Crescent fighter, there shields recharge to fast

The most awesome anti-fighter weapon is the defence pod. Here's the setup:

Get at least four (I usually go for six) Defence systems (sold at Miranu and Station Pybln (sp?) among others). Leave at least 30 tons space for defence pods; recommended number is as many as you can fit in the ship.

Once you get into battle, fly away from the capital ships, and let the swarm chase you. Pick them off one by one until you get a cluster of ships that are almost right on top of you, then let loose with the pods. I've taken out up to five ships at a time using this strategy.

However, if the mission you are talking about is the one where you have to attack the Rock, I wouldn't even bother doing that in a Crescent Warship. My experience is that even with four sheild upgrades and Dospect armor, it's just not capable of winning battles that big. Get a UE Cruiser and "convince" some big ships to be your escorts. Heh heh heh... 😉

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