Voinian Trouble

I have been sided with the Voinians for quite a awhile now and completed all of the missions series up to the point where they want finish going after the humans, and they want to start increasing the regularity of the raids. I go to Bakka as instructed and when I get there its me vs. like six cruisers. I return to Ylynn without destroying much and they hear my report and then say they'll still crush the hunans. After that all I can get are simple defending missions. I have finished the Voinian series before, and they are more missions, but I think in not getting rid of all the ships, I might have gone into a "mission string dead end" or something. Is that possible? If not, where do I get the next one?


I don't know the answer to your question, but want to ask: how do you go about siding with the Voinians?


have a pretty good combat rating and having not done any UE military missions, go to the bar in Pax