[ADMIN] Cheats category

I've created a "cheats" file category in both the EV and EVO file archive areas, at Chamrin's and Jude's suggestion. The rational is to weed the "chaff" of the proliferating cheat plugins from the rest of the game expanding/replacing plugins. Check out the new "cheats" category at:

EV: (url="http://"http://www.AmbrosiaSW.com/games/ev/addons.html")http://www.AmbrosiaS.../ev/addons.html(/url)
EVO: (url="http://"http://www.AmbrosiaSW.com/games/evo/addons.html")http://www.AmbrosiaS...evo/addons.html(/url)

I tried to move all of the obvious cheater plugs for each game into the "cheats" category, but I probably missed some -- hopefully the admins will assist me in getting all of these files in their proper place.

All of the files in the EVO archives seem to have good descriptions for them; we're still coming up rather short in the EV archives, so any help getting any files without descriptions named would be appreciated.

Similarly, if there are any duplicate files or files that are corrupted, please let us know so we can delete them.

I also made a few other minor tweaks to the display script to make the pages easier to read -- enjoy.

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.