Low on time

Well, I remember months ago when I had EVO, I was very successful, finishing all the missions, and having ships....etc. The game then had to be discarded and I lost interest. Once again I have downloaded it, but now I dont have a comparable amount of time to spend on the game. With a Shuttle, what is the best, easiest, or fastest way to earn money without siding with a military? I may sound kinda spoiled, but I want to again get the best out of the game before my frustration leads me to quitting. All I need is enough to buy a Arada.


Miranu Trade Coalition. 'nuff said.

OpenGL Avara!

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Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?

Just south of sol there is a mining planet (can't remember which)
that always has high for medical. The planet to its north always
has medium for medical. The planet with high medical sometimes
goes to higher. When you get some money hire escorts to increase
your cargo room. Doing this you can get, conservatively 5 to 10
million credits. I think the planet cold be telnan. It should be
red in color if that helps. "That is the picture with the
description when you land"


Sorry, I forgot to say that it would take about 30 min. to get the
amount of money I stated.