EV 3D Multiplayer - kinda

A while back, I wrote some crap about Subspace being EV multiplayer... I know it isn't even close, but! Now I'm gonna make up for it. Vicarious Visions is making a game quite like EV called Terminus, but in 3D! It lack some of EV's features, but it's 3D and real-real time! This mean, the story line unfolds, even if you aren't playing!
Now, it isn't EV ships and you can't fly any capital ships yet, but it's 3D!!! Here's a few web sites:

Website of the creators

Fan site

Before you decide to hate me, please check them out! The requirements are a bit high in comparison to EV, but... it's 3D!!! And imagine if Ambrosia and VV some day would make a Terminus/EV hybrid... Wow! This probaply isn't going to happen, though.

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Looks like someone has an account on Game Ranger =P.

Just so everyone else knows, one of the major features it lacks is play is limited to the solar system. Otherwise, sounds pretty good.

Oh, the requirments are a bit steep...you need a 300mhz G3 at the minimum.

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