EVO 1.0.2 BUGS / FAULTS !! ?? !!

I've found 2 Serious problems in the Upgrade / Bug Fix in EVO.

  1. Guided Weapons don't work properly 90% - 95% of the time!
    eg - Needle Missiles, S.A.D. modules and S.A.E.'s do not track properly - after leaving any ship ( not just mine! ) they travel in loops, circles and then in a repeated figure of 8 before resuming the circular motion beside or near the ship without moving off towards the target most of the time.
    This then makes these Guided Weapons useless - you might as well not purchase them as they don't work! As an example, I fired 50 S.A.D.'s at a Renegade ship, yet only 3 of the SAD's travelled towards the Renegade ship and eventually hit it, after wandering around in a meandering path to the target. Another 2 hit it only because the Renegade ship collided with them as they were circling and looping / figure of 8s in a near stationary position.
  2. The Voinian ships have nowhere near the hitting power they have in EVO 1.0.1 as the Voinian Cruiser ( the large one with the Fighter Bay ) only fires 1 or 2 Rockets at you as you move away from it. The Voinian ships used to fire a wide fusillade of Rockets at you as you tried to escape.
    Also the rockets are wildly inaccurate. The Voinians, instead of being the most difficult to fight, have gone soft! The most difficult are now the Renegade groups, as none of your guided weapons work and most of their ships are able to catch up to you quickly!
    Anyone else noticing weird or unusual changes?


1. The guided weapons are being jammed. Different governments can jam different types of weapons. with the SAE's they were being jammed 100% but its more like 95% as a few got through.

2. The weapons aren't as accurate now, just wait until your pilot reaches a higher skill level, the AI gets tougher then.


Hi Chamrin!
That's what I thought might be happening as well at first, however the supposed jamming happens everywhere in the South, even when you try to fire SAE's or Needle Missiles at Renegrade Kraits which aren't supposed to have any Jamming Technology at all. The only things apart from Primary Weapons that are accurate are non-guided rockets - Dispersion Rockets etc.
This has ruined a large part of the game as you have little cance of defending yourself!
Help! I'm getting annihilated! If this is intended to make the game almost ompossible to play then there should be a way to switch the Difficulty of the Game, especially for people with disabilities or for inexperienced players.
Is there any way I can turn off the smoke trails? Could I do it with RESEDIT? Please give easy to follow and detailed instructions.