UE cruiser?

I've defeated the Dreadnaught, gone and killed voinian after voinian, and still I get no actual missions to continue the UE objectives!!! I have an ultimate combat rating (is there anything better?), I have dominated 4 plantes all either Igazra or renegade so Earth still likes me, but I can't seem to do anything else. I've done both the nebula objective and the strand objective, but how do i finish this one? 😕

One word: emalghia.

Knucklehead, Aeon Productions


(Insert witty remark here)

If you want to continue the UE Central Objective, go to Emalghia in the Emalghion system (just north of voinian space)

If you want the UE Cruiser, go to New Torranto (i think) but you have to have a very good legal status there