Strand history

Since the other alien races in EV:O seem to be a hot topic, here's my theory on the history of the Strands.

Thousands of years ago, a race (we'll call them the Gadzair after their homeworld) developed hyperspace technology and began to explore the galaxy. Soon, the Gadzair discovered three ideal worlds for colonization: massive Zidagar and its moon Tumni, mountainous Azdgari and its three moons, Dames, Xarnes, and Veltes, and lush Igadzra. The Gadzair began to spread. The majority of the Gadzair moved to the northern colonies, their regional captial becoming Zidagar. The pre-Zidagar found time for leisure on their ideal planets, and soon developed a keen sense for art and drama. The pre-Igadzra were a hardy and self-reliant people, priding independence. Sometimes they carried this pride to a xenophobic level. The pre-Azdgari were explorers, and had a less-than-favorable choice of planets. Therefore, they had to be nomadic and opportunistic, making do with whatever they could find. After several centuries, the colonies began to solidify into three distinct factions (the modern ones we know today). The Gadzair decided that a new form was government was needed, one that fairly represented the interests of the colonies. So, they built the Council Station in orbit around Gadzair. Here at the Council Station, every major faction could be represented in a democratic manner. The Council Station worked for quite a long time. However, as time passed, new issues began to threaten the stability of the Strand nation. Another race had made contact with the Zidagar. The Miranu, as they called themselves, were a peaceful race, perfectly content with exploring they galaxy and interstellar trade. The Zidagar quickly saw the possible benefits of a relationship with the Miranu. However, the paranoid Igadzra believed that the Strands should rely solely upon themselves, not another race. The Azdgari sided with the Gadzair, who usually took a conservative viewpoint. This severly frustrated the Zidagar, who desired normal relations with the Miranu. This position was only aggravated when the Gadzair suggested a station should be constructed in the Kade system to prevent invasions from outside the Crescent.
The Igadzra consented, and the Azdgari, loyal to the Gadzair, built Crescent Station. This action caused the Zidagar to declare independence. What followed was a vicious civil war. The Zidagar launched a massive offensive against Gadzair, and before either the Azdgari or the Igadzra could respond, the Zidagar used their powerful phased beams to ravage the planet. Gadzair was totally destroyed. This further destabilized the war, as the Igadzra blamed the destruction of Gadzair on the Azdgari, whose warships arrived too late. The Igadzra attacked the Azdgari, and soon the war was a free-for-all. The Gadzair system became the main battleground, and soon the system was cluttered with the wrecks of destroyed warships. The Council Station still orbited the barren world of Gadzair, witnessing the terrible battle as the Strands waged war against each other. In a final act of authority, Council Station, through forces unknown, annihilated every ship in the system. The Station used the act as a warning to the Strands to never again use the Gadzair system as a place of destruction. However, the Strand War was not ended. The Zidagar penetrated deep into Azdgari space, forcing the Azdgari to flee from their homeworld. In their absence, the Zidagar released their foul biological and chemical weapons on Azdgari. A brutal Igadzra attack on their southern border forced the bulk of the Zidagar fleet to withdraw, and the Azdgari managed to retake their homeworld. They then relocated to the moons of Azdgari. The Strand War continued for centuries, until EV:O, where the storyline becomes your choice. So, that's my theory. I'd be interested to hear someone else's ideas.



Good theory. Try posting it to the EVO chronicals. That's where your supposed to put those types of things. Anyway, your theory makes good sense. I'll probably think of one, but a heavy sense of laziness has overcome me. Goo work, anyway.

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Who knows? Let's make a plug of it...

I'm actualy making a plug-in with a theory similar to yours. In mine, though, Crecent station inserrects the former Strand home world, wich is now... um... never mind that, for now...

Look for Zachit: the Lost Strand, coming God knows when...

Are the Zachit the lost strand? I'm not sayin' yet!

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Excellent idea mate! You've got my respect. Now which strand do you think I should go with with my v1.02 pilot?

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Cool story 😄

Now lets all sit around the fire and see how good you are at ghost stories!

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Here's my version:

Tens of thousands of years ago, Gadzair were, like any other race, quite primitive. Eventually they pushed out into space and made their first explorations to the neighboring systems, and began colinization. This being quite early in galactic history, there was little in the way of their continued outward expansion. Eventually, however, they reached the end of their ability to expand while keeping the Gadzair Empire together. To traverse the length of it would require stopping for refueling at least five times, so central control began to break down along the fringes of the empire, creating the strandless and renegade areas along the edges.

The council, seeing this as a threat to the empire, suddenly became very conservative in it's outlook. They disalowed all proposed colonization, exploration beyond the crescent or trading with other races. It was here that the factions began to split. The Igadzra were in the Galactic Southwest of the empire, where there was generally little threat of renegades, and additionally the worlds in that area were undergoing an economic boom, making them feel that the restrictions were more than sensible. The Zidagar in the North were bearing the brunt of many pirate attacks, and the people in this area tended to be much less content economically, and as a result they began to question the decisions of the Council. Finally, the Azdagari to the East were also not very contented, and were siding with the Zidagar as regarding the Council's actions. The Zidagar, however, saw the need for increased trade, while the Azdagari thought the problem was the colonization, and took to moving about much in the effort to find more worlds.

Things went on like this for at least three thousand years. Over time, the three sections developed deep prejudices about the other sections. Intermarriage became taboo, or possibly even forbidden between members of the factions, leading to a three-way split in the gene pool which, over the intermediary thousands and thousands of years has essentially produced three seperate races. Over time, the sections also developed central worlds which would serve as their governments eventually.

Then came the final straw: the Miranu. For a long time, the Zidagar had been pushing for more lax trade restrictions. The council had become more conservative and restricting if anything, leaving teh Zidagar frustrated and angry. Then one day, a Miranu ship bumbles into their space, and offers to set up trade with them. The Zidagar appeal to the Council to allow them to do so, to which the Council responded by passing a "Code Of Silence" law, whereby all Gadzair are forbidden to make contact of ANY kind, including verbal, with members of other races. Those in the Igadzra region quickly latched onto this, explaining their standoffishness with foreigners today, while the Azdagari simply ignored it. The Zidagar worlds to the north held a secret meeting, and quietly moved their warships down south. Then, one day, Zidagar ships suddenly began appearing in the Gadzair system to stage a coup and replace the Council with a government which would listen to their concerns. They swiftly ravaged the homeworld and were attempting to capture the station when the Igadzra counterattacked in the system on behalf of the Council, who had never anticipated such an attack and as such kept it's fleet on bases at the edges of the empire.

The battle resulted in massive losses on both sides. The Council attempted to smooth over the "incident" by announcing that 1)It never happened, and 2)As such, neither side was to be punished. This proved too much for even the loyal Igadzra, who disobeyed the Council by launcing an offensive against the Zidagar. The Azdagari had not joined either side yet, and decided that the best course of action would be to reap the benefits of the war by becoming raiders. In light of these actions, the Council threw all three strands out of the Empire.

The Council continues to exist now in light of its massive fleet, which it withdrew to Council Station. Because of the overwhelming force the Council has, all three strands pay tribute to it to avoid retribution by the massively powerful Council Navy, which has been kept up over the thousands of years of the seemingly endless Strand War through the tribute payments.

And so it is that all three Strands fight each other still today. The three-way nature of the war prevents any decisive victories, since any sizable fleet being brought to bear against one side, would innevitably make them weak to invasion by the other side. In other words, if the Zidagar were to invade the Igadzra, the Azdagari would invade the Zidagar, and then the Igadzra the Azdagari, and so on. Things went this way for a while, before all sides wised up and simply chose to wage a large-scale war, with even fleet distribution throughout their section.

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Both are valid theories, except for one small point,
if you attack and destroy the Miranu, the Council gets angry.

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Thanks for all the positive feedback! 🙂 I hope to write some more stories soon. And thanks to those who added their own stories.

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