Proxima Nebula Missions

I have searched all over Miranu space and can't seem to find the mission to get this set going. Help would be greatly appreciated.

if you aren't already a part of the Miranu trading association, become a member now. Go to Blaga in the Blaga system (Southwest of Miranu, three-four jumps). If you are already, then you should try to build up your combat rating and your status with the Miranu. Try killing Renegades for money up with the Zachit.

If the mission bit is set for the Miranu trading thing, then someone should ask you to make a special delivery in a spaceport bar, and it goes from there.

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Is it the special delivery to Igadzra? I thought that was the mission to start the Igadzra series. Well, I am a member of their trading conglomerate, and the Zachit really really like me 😛 I'll back up my save file and try that I suppose.