Council station? What for??? + background

Do somebody know how to be welcome on council station??? I have tried to let the strands dealing with themselves and to kill every renegad I saw, but The CouncilStation was always forbidden to me. How can I be a good egg or better with council Station.

PS: I'm fond of roleplaying games and EVO background can be very interessant, but all the sites Isaw about this game were like: "This weapon is good, You can sell your food there caus' the price is high " and I saw no sites about history in EVO. If you know a site like that, please tell me his URL.

A good way to get onto Council Station is by accepting a cargo mission going there. Not that you'll find the station that interesting...

Of course, you could also just dominate it. 🙂

Its just there for plug-in developers to mess with.

"interessant"??? Hmmmm....

Bonjour, Monsieur Chapo! Ça va? Un Français, n'est-ce pas? Je suis traductrice de français ŕ anglais.

("interessant"="interesting" in French--he inadvertantly used this word in his post)
Good day, Mister Chapo! How's it going? A Frenchman, right? I'm a translator from French to English.
(translation provided as a courtesy to English speakers, and because I almost got banned from the EVO board for posting in French with some Canadiens)

I almost got banned from the EVO board for posting in French with > some Canadiens

Are you serious?


Well, I suppose that is possible...

En espańol: Pues, supono qué es posible...
Éste es para todos de los habladores de espańol. Yo no quiero hacer faviritismos en perjuicio de alguien. 🙂 (I don't think there is such a thing as a spanish smiley.)

In English: This is for all of the speakers of spanish. I don't want to discriminate against anyone.

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(This message has been edited by Chrestomanci (edited 10-19-99).)

Perhaps it would have a moustache. :})

Cool face! how about giving him a hat <:}) You could also make his moustache go the other way <:{)


Geez! From Council Station to posting in different languages? This topic is wandering aimlessly!

"wandering aimlessly"? just like every other topic on this board.

Now that we're at it:

"Ich finde, wir brauchen hier auch mal 'was auf Deutsch."

Translation: "I think we need something in german here."


"Men mit modersmĺl er dansk. Har nogen af jer vćret i Danmark nogensinde?"

Translation: "But my main language is danish. Has anyone of you ever been to Denmark?"

well, no never been outside of north america. and since we are on the subject of foreign languages, why not some pig latin (hell, i'm in college; we're expected to regress some).

ellway, no evernay eenbay

nah, forget it. too much work. stick w/english. easy it is (does yoda count as a foreign tongue?).

Now for the total computer nerds:


Hello, My e-mail address is:<br>
<A HREF=""></A>!


Hello, My e-mail address is:!

<A href=">goombas page</A><H4>-this is a cool website with some links and cool pictures on it</H4>

My website is at it's called goomba's page and its cool

<confused> I never really figured out HTML. </confused>

OK, discussing about languages is very interessant but I don't think I will have a "good egg" status on council station (or better) by speaking french (salut la traductrice) or german...

If you absolutely must have a positive status with Council Station, why don't you try doing what The Council wants you to do?

Jag har varit Danmark en gĺng, jag kommer frĺn Sverige!


I have been in Denmark one time, i'm from Sweden!

Sorry i can't help you whit your question, my computer sucks, so i cant have that game... im thinking of buying something new, maybe a Macintosh G4?

Yeah, G4s are good. Just stay away from the 400mhz varieties. Get the top o' the line.