Attention: CROW! Your story is in the Chronicles (I don't have your e-mail address)

I have posted The Voinian Chronicles, Part One: The War as the feature story in the EV/EVO Chronicles. In a note added to your story submission you wrote:
**Note to webmasters: These are the first two chapters in my lengthy, yet unfinished story formerly titled simply The Voinian Wars. I posted the chapters on the webboard until about four months ago. I would really like to get going on them again, as they were rather fun to write (perhaps not as much fun to read). Anyway, I would be elated if you decided to put this through and give me something to do for the next few months. I don't have a ton of time, though, so probably the best I would be able to do would be a chapter a week, maybe two chapters. If this is acceptable, I would love to have my story back up where people can see it for a bit!

I would like for you to submit more chapters of your story to the EV/EVO Chronicles at: (url="http://"")
but cannot contact you directly, since I do not have your e-mail address.
You can contact me at:
editor, EV/EVO Chronicles