1.0.2 Bug? I dunno.

Apart of me can't using my original pilot files from 1.0.1 (which took millennias to perfect), GRRRRR....I found a suspectible bug:

I had 6 Crescent Warship escorts. Then I Landed on a planet. When I was done, they disappeared and I was alll alone. Hmmm...

"I'm cool"

You should e-mail this to andrew.


I saw the same problems in both EV and EVO... Maybe I should have reported those, but I thought someone else had, cause the problem has been on this web board before... sorry.

"..A bug came through an open Window..."

easy to solve. just pause, then open pilot - LAST PILOT
the escorts will be right there by your side.

S.S. Huge Whoopass over and out.

I found that I was getting this a lot. Ive worked out (I dont know how) that if you make sure that you always click on Outfit Ship or Visit Shipyard when you land on a planet, then the Escorts will never be lost. The problem doesnt seem to happen on planets that dont have outfitters or a shipyard. I think clickin on the Bar will also work. It appears that this refreshes the display at the top right of the screen (where you can see your escorts hanging around the planet).
This works for me in EVO 1.01, I havent tried out 1.0.2 yet as Im trying to finish off F-25!!