Beyond the Crescent help

I have recently been playing the plug "Beyond the Crescent" and I have got the mission to unlock the secret behind Dr Gustav's disappearance.
I have explored up and down the entire crescent but still no clue as to where to find the secret.
By the way, using this plug I have got some mysterious missions asking me to deliver things to Azd and Gad in the Gadzair system.
Does this have anything to do with it.


P.S Excellent Plug

Go to a Kelmoan system in the crescent (not above emalgha, there's another in the crescent), and you can find it easily if you take the kelmoan above emalghion and just go to the right in a straight line (across the galaxy). Go to that kelmoan and kill "Gadzooks!" a UE fighter there.

"I'm cool"

Thanks for the help, now I have a mission to blow up Crescent Station, and the guy said: "maybe you should consider getting some help on this one", or something like that.
Does he mean getting escorts or somthing else?

Thanks in advance.

i cant get past the mission "locate the artifact any help id be realy grateful

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