Next Step spaceship

Alright, I am piloting a Lazira ship with the following on it:

2 blaze turrets
1 phase turret
SAD Launcher and room for 10 SADs
Needle Launcher (and missles)
Voinian armor upgrade (not sure which type, the weaker)
Shield upg
thrust upg
engine upg
acceleration upg
Needle jammer
ECM system

This works pretty well, except that I only have around 20 cargo space left. I need more to do some of the various trading missions that I like to do. What I want to know is what ship to goto next. I want to be able to have about as much speed as before, but have more room for weapons and cargo and stuff. Any suggestions?


You could go alot farther with the ship you have if you sell off your turrets and buy swivel phase cannons—they take up only 6 as opposed to 20 or 30 for a turret. The Lazira with RCS upgrade can turn fast enough to keep most things within the 90• arc the swivel cannon fires in.

Beyond that (if you really want to change ships) it’s a question of preference. Either you go for the super-light and speedy (Azdara) or the slow and heavy with loads of armament and perhaps a fighter bay (UE Cruiser, Voinian Cruiser, Igazra), or somewhere in between (my preference) like the Zidara. All of them can be fun to play. The Zidara is my preference, if only you could sell the fighter bay (I think there are a couple of plugins which let you do that anyways).