how do i get the game to work in ARDI, the mac emulator. please be as specific as possible

i like this game

Ardi is the emulator for PCs to use Mac software right?


I can help you out, I play evo on ardi, it's the only way I can play, but just to warn you, it's buggy, it fails often. But it is worth it.

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I will try to explain how-to as accurately as possible. If you have any question about any part of it or if it still doesn't work, please reply and I will explain it better as best as I can.


1. I assume that you can run Ardi without any problem. If Ardi freezes during startup or at any other time, skip down to the "adding memory" section.
2. I am also assuming that you have EVO downloaded and installed. If not, skip to the installation instructions below, then continue with #3.
3. First, hit alt+shift+5. This will bring up a settings window.
4. Change the Screen Updates to "Animation." This will allow EVO to run correctly. Then hit the Save button to save this setting.
5. Find the EVO folder, and run EVO. If the game freezes, skip to the "adding memory" section then try again after making the changes.
6. Click on "Prefs" in EVO.
7. Uncheck "QuickTime Movies"
8. Check "Use Quickdraw"
9. Hit the "Ok" button.


1. Download the .bin file from Ambrosia. Save it into a subfolder within the folder that you installed Ardi Executor in (i.e. "C:ExecutorGamesEVO").
2. Enter Executor. If Executor freezes on startup, goto the "adding memory" section.
3. In the upper-left corner of the screen, under the menu and left of the Sort and Help buttons, there are six icon buttons. Click on the top-center one.
4. To the right of the buttons, a group of programs will be listed. Double-click on Stuffit Expander.
5. Go to the file menu, then select "Expand...".
6. Find the .bin file that you saved earlier. Double-click on it.
7. The game will expand, and be installed.


1. Open a MS-DOS prompt from Windows (it should be under start menu, program files).
2. Type "cd C:Executor" or the equivalent directory.
3. To add more memory to Executor, type "executor -syszone #M" where # is the amount of megabytes of memory you want to give to Executor.
4. To add more memory to EVO, type "executor -applzone #M" where # is the amount of megabytes to give to EVO.

1. You can also create a batch file to do this automatically for you. While still in MS-DOS prompt, goto the Executor directory.
2. Type "edit runexec.bat". The MS-DOS editor will open.
3. Type in the correct syntax from above to add more memory.
4. Hit alt+F, and scroll down to "Save...". Hit <ENTER>.
5. Hit alt+F, and scroll down to "Exit". Hit <ENTER>.
6. Type "exit" to exit the MS-DOS session. Now you can use your batch file straight from windows to start Executor with the correct memory.


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