What ships are the best escorts?

Personally, I think that the Igadzra are by far teh best escorts. first they have an endless supply of TRIPLE homing ball thingies (those green and yellow spheres that glow and hunt you down for really long time). second, their shields and armor make them damn hard to disable or destroy. and last, they have SIX plasma turrets that rain down hell on any opponent.
i wanted to know what you guys think.

i like this game

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1st, escorts in general are just trouble.

2nd, the Igadzra use SAE modules (the red and orange ones), not SADs, and they don't have an endless supply.

3rd, Crescent ships in general have poor armor.

4th, there are no plasma turrets in EV/O, and you can only have 4 Phase turrets (I believe that's what you meant) and they're useless against armor, so I don't use them much.

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hehe, just goes to show how long it has been since i last played this game

i like this game

UE Crusiers are fairly good.

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Voinian Dreadnaughts. In Miranu/strand space those things are ****IN AWESOME!

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Originally posted by Andrew M:
**4th, there are no plasma turrets in EV/O, and you can only have 4 Phase turrets (I believe that's what you meant) and they're useless against armor, so I don't use them much.

Isn't it 5 phase turrets? I believe the Igazra has 5.

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I thought it was six, otherwise it´s five...not only four.

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Andrew M: I disagree with your assertion that escorts are trouble. In fact I don't know where you're coming up with that. The only times they are annoying is when you need to disable a ship (either to ravage it or for a mission), and they seem insistent upon destroying it. However, this can be solved by hovering your finger above the "c" key to stop them at a moment's notice. You also mention that Crescent ships in general have poor armor, which is valid for when YOU are buying one, but for escorts it's no problem at all, since most of the time your enemies will be concentrating their fire on you, leaving your escorts free to pick them off one by one, with little retaliation. 🙂

Other than that, escorts can be extremely useful. The best ones tend to be large ships with big secondary weapons, since AI doesn't seem to use laser weapons that well. To replenish their supply, land on any planet (even unihabited ones!), and they are good to go and kick some ass for you again! 🙂

I agree with Porkness, to date the Igadzra are the best escorts I've had. The large number of SAEs are what really make them awesome, as well as some Dispys, and the turret weapons are resonably good (although as I stated above, AI doesn't use laser weapons very well).

Oh, and another thing: although I settle for Cresent Warships and such as escorts, I generally prefer ships which DO NOT have fighter bays. The launched fighters do etiher nothing or nearly nothing, and end up just being 1) a memory hog, and 2) distracting and annoying for you. This is another good quality for the Igadzra. Laizdras (sp?) are also quite good overall, the only major drawback being that they tend to get killed off pretty fast in heavy action.

Finally, I would like to mention that if you are paying out of pocket for your escorts (hiring them), then it's certainly not worth it. The only way to go is to force them into servitude by capturing them. Get a UE Cruiser with four sheild upgrades, and you'll never lack for escorts. 🙂

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