F-25 plug in - heeeeeeeeelp

I've installed the F-25 plug-in but I can't get anywhere with it. No way of getting to the new systems as far as i cab ascertain. I've never had the so-called nebula exploration missions and can't seem to get them. Is this because I just ran around the whole EVO galaxy as soon as i could instead of waiting to be asked to explore?


the Nebula Exploration Missions start in station pybin, but you must have done the miranu trading mission (the one in blaga) and a mission (available in miranu space) to transport something to Igadzra space, I think. After doing these missions you can go to station pybin (assuming that you have a good combat rating) and get the Nebula Mission.


Thanks Cap'n. Yep, I've done those and somehow (god knows how) managed to get an Excellent combat rating. but no matter how much I visit the systems in Miranu space I never get the Nebula missions and it seems they hold the key to getting out to the new systems in F-25. Any ideas GREATLY appreciated.


This doesn't have much to do with this topic, but does anyone know where the F-25 official site is?