Babylon 5 help

i'm having trouble with this plug....i reach a point where i can't do much...i'm not offered any more missions. once i get the mission to smuggle some doctor back to babylon 5 and destroy all the hunters, either i: 1. kill the hunters, which makes the earth people mad at me and all of sol attacks me, so i kill them, become a criminal in the system, am able to drop off the doctor but get nowhere at all after this; or 2. i make sure i don't damage any earth ship, but do kill all the hunters and then when i go back to babylon 5, it's like i haven't finished the mission and can't drop off the doctor.

the times i am able to finish this mission, the whole thing where war breaks out on earth happens, but then i am not offered any other mission AT ALL! not from any of the factions, and i even systematically landed ON EVERY SINGLE PORT AVAILABLE! so please, can someone help?