Is EV/O 1.0.2 out???? If so, where can I get it??

No, not yet. I don´t know when, can any of you guys fill it in here?
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Ambrosia said in a couple of weeks; so we wait.

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Thanks guys. I really want that update!!



Originally posted by Major Krunchen:
**Thanks guys. I really want that update!!

Doesn't everybody? 🙂


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Matt Burch told me the same thing, a couple of weeks..



Originally posted by Iron Eagle:
**Matt Burch told me the same thing, a couple of weeks..


When was that?

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Incoming EVO 1.0.2!!!!

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Originally posted by Bozorg:
**When was that?

A couple of weeks ago... :mad:FRUSTRATED :mad:

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I know where it is, but It wouldn't be nice of Me to leak it, and its still in beta.

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Matt Burch said it looks like 1.0.2 is ready to go. So now we wait for Ambrosia to get into gear. 😉

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We're actually waiting on beta testers reports on the final canditate. It seems to be fairly bug free, at last - but that's just on my machine, and Andrew wants, quite reasonably, a little more confirmation from the testers. So, if there are any beta testers reading: Post something on the list if it's working okay! You'll satisfy all these impatient people that much sooner 🙂

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