Femme Fatale Question

Where do you find the third superfreighter? I have looked everywhere and I cannot find it. Any help would be appreciated.


Isn't that the one that you have to get help for (from Riga or thereabouts)? It's a long time ago, sorry. Cracking plug though, why not go and rate it?


After you found the second one, go to any bar (well may be not anyone, but the one on Alba) and you'll get the mission. This girl from Minkar will tell you to go to Rigel.


What exactly is there to do after you get your memory cube back. For example, does anyone know where the new museum of human rights is?

It's kind of abrupt, but I'd lived with Jasta Hela for about six months and wanted to go and do something else with someone else.

Getting the memory cube back is the end, because it brings the plug-in back full circle: at the beginning, Jasta Hela wants her old life but doesn't know what it is and can't get it. At the end, she knows what is in her old life, can get it, but no longer wants it.

You actually destroyed the museum on the way, so it's now gone.

I've got no further plans to bring Jasta Hela back as a main character in a plug-in, but she is sketched into the plot for Flight of the Eagle, which will be the final plug-in in the series and goes back to the original character from Frozen Heart. It will answer all the questions about the ancient aliens, reveal whether or not he gets together with Alana de Quinet (or anyone else), and see the final chapter in the Rigellian and Magellan war. Or, on the other hand, maybe it won't.

Any ideas, especially for worlds you would like to see (some of the worlds for Femme Fatale were contributed by members of the old EVO Board), email me at martin.turner@unforgettable.com.




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