Everyone, a truly great day is quickly approaching all of us. This day I refer to is a truly great date in EVO history, for it will mark the new beginning for one of the greatest EVO experiences on the net today. I refer to the marvelous uEVO-RPG, which is on the verge of re-starting better than ever. Now before you are intimidated by the length this post, read on. Trust me, you all want to read this straight through.

As you all may or may not know, this awesome game has been in development for some time. That's because this game is so wonderfully and complexly designed, and yet so easy to play it is truly amazing. Even though it is an RPG, you do NOT need any previous RPG experience to play in this game. When I myself first signed up I knew nothing about RPGs, but was able to learn the rules almost immediately.

Don't be fooled by what you may have heard about the game not running well. This RPG has been totally re-worked and refined. So much so in fact, that EVERY feature is guaranteed to work! To learn more about what this game has to offer, keep on reading.

Here's how it works. The RPG is played through a simple message board and E-mail. The RPG message board is where most of the game is actually played. You post your moves there, ask questions there, and do practically anything you wish there. E-mail is used when you wish to make a secret "transmission" to a fellow player without letting the entire universe know about it. All of the RPG's rules are explained in a comprehensive RPG guide, which should be able to answer any and all questions you have regarding gameplay.

The game works similar to actual EVO, except it's more of an RPG feel. Every EVO government is run by what's called a Gov GM (GameMaster). The GM is the leader of that particular government. He leads all of the government's players, manages government fleets and the government treasury, and a host of other things. Some governments may also have an aGM (assistant GameMaster) to help them out with the government affairs. The aGM basically has all of the powers and perks of a GM, except that the GM is the absolute top authority in a government. The RPG is now governed with a highly efficient RPG Council, composed of the best people in the game. With them around, the RPG will always have a guiding hand.

The RPG is unique in this regard in that each government is run by entirely different people, which results in each government being run and directed in an individual, special, and unique way. With so many great governments to play for, choosing between them can be very difficult. But thanks to the wonderful efforts of the RPG GMs, I hope to make your decision a bit easier to make. But more on that later. 🙂

If you've played EVO before (and I know most of us have), the RPG will already be somewhat familiar to you. You can do everything in the RPG that you can do in normal EVO. You can purchase ships, fight battles, run missions, and do anything you want. It doesn't matter how you play, as long as you have fun! Just like in normal EVO, am I right?

But besides this, there are numerous things you can do in this RPG that you can only DREAM of doing in normal EVO or anywhere else! I'm not exaggerating. To convince you, I will provide just a few examples of why this is one game you'll want to be a part of! Are you ready to be blown away?

In normal EVO, you are the only "intelligent" being in the game. All other ships are computer-controlled AI ships. Just simple computer-controlled enemies, that's all. While that doesn't take away from EVO's fun quality, the RPG takes things a step further beyond all limits. In the RPG, you are playing against and with other players just like you. It may not be real-time multi-player EVO, but it's the closest you'll ever get to it! Ever wanted to pit your upgraded ship against someone else's and see how it turns out? Now you can. Want to ally with your fellow players and make a common strike against a common enemy? Now you can. Want to play EVO with other living, breathing people? Now you can! Or maybe you want to strike out on your own as a lone mercenary? You can do that as well!

Have you ever wished you didn't have to keep paying escort fees for escorts? Well in this RPG, you don't have to do it that way. You can either hire a ship and pay an escort fee each day (like in normal EVO), or purchase a vessel at the normal shipyard price and keep it as your escort, without having to pay those annoying fees every day. What could be easier?

Ever wished you could build your own fleets, fleets that you could send to anywhere you wanted independent of your personal ship? In this RPG, you can create a fleet as long as its' composed of at least two ships. You just buy the ships you want in the fleet, and say that you form them into a fleet. Fleets work just like escorts in standard EVO, except they don't have to travel around with you, and can work independently of you if you desire. You can make them travel wherever you want, have them battle for you, and even run missions for you half a galaxy away if you want. Did I mention you can outfit your fleets any way you like? Imagine leading a fleet of ships into battle outfitted to be as strong as your own personal ship!

Do you have a weapon, outfit, or ship design you're just dying to create? In this RPG, you can create it! Just make your proposal to the RPG's tech committee to make it a reality. If you're idea isn't too unbalanced, your tech will be approved and created!

Now here's a neat part. In this RPG, you can create your very own stations for whatever purpose you wish! Whether it's a listening post, average spacedock, orbital shipyard, or a full blown battle station, you can build it in this RPG! Do none of the available stations fit what you're looking for? Then create your own design! The possibilities are limitless!

Having trouble getting some good income rolling in? Want something besides missions to rely upon for money? Then build mining stations. You can place these on practically any inhabited planet, and mine minerals from a planet which will earn credits for you. You collect money on a weekly basis, every Sunday. Depending on the minerals you mine you could build a small fortune for yourself pretty quick. Want to protect your sources of income? Outfit your stations with weapons to keep other greedy players from getting an undeserved piece.

Is battle too violent or dangerous for you? Want a more simple way of living life? Then go the way of the trader. The RPG has an excellent commodity system that's easy to use. But the trading life of the game goes far beyond buying and selling commodies, now players can set up their own commodity shops to make a handsome profit!

Don't be fooled by thinking that this game is probably only half-developed. With this re-started game, everything is better than ever before!

As you've seen, mining WORKS!

Trading WORKS!

Battles are now a REALITY, with 5 talented battle admins ready to run any battle of any size. No more waiting for days to get a single battle run! With the turbulent situation throughout most of the galaxy battles are sure to be frequent, you won't want to cheat yourself out of the action!

With our new system, scanning systems is easy and a breeze (and looks rather cool to boot)!

Well, I hope you're all getting the picture by now. The EVO-RPG is clearly a EVO experience completely unlike anything you have ever seen. I have listed just a few of the major advantages to joining this game. Only here can you enjoy such a enjoyable, fruitful experience, and only here can you compete against so many other EVO players in just one place. Seriously, what more could you want?

Joining is exceptionally easy. You simply go to (url="http://"http://www.oxy-soft.com/uevo")http://www.oxy-soft.com/uevo(/url) and click on "New Pilot" to sign up for the RPG. When you sign up, be sure to post on the RPG's main board that you're a new player joining a specific Gov, and the rest is history! "But Crusader," you may ask, "There are so many governments in EVO, I'm torn. How am I ever going to decide on just one or two?" And I'm so glad you asked. 😉

Thanks to the wonderful efforts and contributions of the GMs of this RPG, I have compiled a collection of "recruitment summaries" from every RPG government. I asked each of the GMs and aGMs to send me a short, one-paragraph summary providing information about their government, and explaining why they think their gov is the absolute best one to join.

The purpose of this was to give each RPG gov an equal opportunity to state the case for themselves, and to let you, the EVO player, decide. I think the following will help you all tremendously, and I would encourage you to read over every summary, they are all excellent.

If you have any questions about a Gov, just e-mail their respective GM's or ask for more info on the RPG board.



Join or be conquered!

Regardless of what you may have heard, the Voinian Empire is not an evil, fascist, aggressive, expansionist dictatorship. No! It is a fascist aggressive expansionist evil empire! An empire of winners! A nation of trained warriors and efficient industrialists! The Voinian Empire lives not by the capitalist system, which creates losers more often than winners, but by a sure agenda of powerful command.

The Voinian Empire will always demand the best of its subjects. Everybody deserves to be part of the best! Resistance will bring swift annihilation. One person's resistance to the Voinian Way takes away another's chance to reach potential. Consequently all Voinians should make it their mission to bring the Voinian Way to the galaxy.

Most Voinians that other species meet are our brave and elite soldiers. But, no empire would function well without other vocations moving it along. The Border Dectectives search along the western and southern borders of the empire for new worlds upon which
to establish the Voinian Way. The industrialists of the empire work for the good of all, creating new ships, armors, and other technology. There are even the traders and diplomats, who take yet another type of role.

Now you've read the major part of the recruitment summary, and you may be wondering exactly why the Voinian Empire wants you, and why it would be good for you. You are wanted because ALL persons should have the experience of the Voinian way.You want to be Voinian, because the Voinian Empire has a place for everybody's talents. The Voinian empire will conquer and prosper!

GM: Kaiser Starskita, Voinian Premiere (starskita@home.com)


The Emalgha are a small but very vivid government. While it is true we are small in size, we have a great spirit and are looking for brave and enterprising people to help us grow and expand, and to help us defend our homeworlds against the ever-present Voinian threat.

Emalgha space is located to the galactic north of Voinian Empire, our hated foes. We anticipate establishing a strong alliance with the United Earth, and the Miranu are only three jumps away from our space, they're practically next door. We are not without the potential to gain valuable allies, but we need you to make it work!

We need people who can fight. We need people to mine. We need people who can help us create new technology. We need people to help us reach the glorious future that is within our reach. If you are unafraid of being a part of the grandest challenge in universe, join the Emalgha. If you're not a coward, join the Emalgha. If you're brave and a true warrior, join the Emalgha. If you want a famous name for yourself, join the Emalgha. If you want to help a government take advantage of its potential to develop, join the Emalgha. If you want to help an entire race maintain its freedom, join the Emalgha. If you want ALL of the above things, join the Emalgha! Its just that simple!

Our only enemy is the Voinans. Our biggest ally is our faith. The future is at our feet!

So what are you waiting for? Join the Emalgha today!

Stormmind, Emalgha GM (denissov@hotmail.com)
Vinlust King of the Vin, Emalgha aGM


Why should you join the Indy's? Because if we weren't there, the UE would have a lot more on it's hands then just the Voinians. Because if we weren't there, all of humanity would probably be killed. Join us in our quest to free thehumans once and for all from the Renegade treat. Though we don't have all the big ships, we have things far more important: courage, creativity, honor. Join us, and become a true pilot with skill, not just a big weapon.

Thimoty, Indy GM. (filip@unit17.com)
Pixel, Indy aGM


Although you may hear persuasive arguments to join other
governments, the Azdgari are the best for many reasons. We are one of
the oldest, most established governments in the universe, never mind
about those other so-called "Strands." Although they do say they are
better, what good things do they have? Oh yeah, the Zidagar have those
"phased beamer" thingies, but any good Azdgari pilot can dodge those.
Our fighter, the Azdara, is THE BEST in the universe - no other fighter
comes close to it; in fact, ALL our ships have the quickest shield
regeneration and the highest maneuverability in their class.

So you say we only have speed, no power, and that the Igadzra have
the best warships? They may be good, but for a price. At 15 MILLION
credits each, it is nearly impossible to get a good-sized fleet of those
fat, slow "flying bananas". The Azdgari have the terrifying Azdgari
Warship for 12 million credits, almost as powerful as the igazra, except
with a 3 million credit price cut - not to mention the six carried

You might say the best government to go to is the UE. Yeah, go
live and die with the UE. With the Azdgari, you can live with us, but
you won't die - we take care of our own. So while those UE "officers"
are stabbing each other in the back, anyone foolish enough to mess with
one of us has the whole Azdgari Space Corps to deal with.

For all these reasons, you can clearly see why the Azdgari are the
best, but there is still more. We have the best configuration of the
Arada, nothing else comes close. We also have RAIDING FLEETS, which
give us a lot more mobility than all those other "Strands". We can
fight when we want, relax when we want, and basically, do whatever we
want. We Azdgari are the best, plain and simple. It's just a matter of
time before the Crescent is united under the banner of "Gang Green".

Join the Azdgari Space Corps today.

Nookie, Azdgari GM (imatt@gv.net)
Chevy Nova, aGM


Greetings. Allow Ford to introduce himself (quite easy, when one speaks in the third person). Ford is the GM (all powerful ruler) of the Igadzra Empire. The Igadzra Empire is the perennial power in the Crescent. Through our skill, cunning and brilliant tactical
skill, we hold the upper hand in the three-way Strand War, keeping at bay our hated foes, the Azdgari and Zidagar. Our strategy and tactical genius is unparalleled, our cunning unmatched. We hold no fear of the psychotic and disorganized Azdgari, nor the melodramatic and pathetic Zidagar. The Igadzra fleet is, without doubt, the mightiest in space, it's arsenal including the mighty Igazra, the most powerful warship in the galaxy, along with the versatile Igadzra Arada, a swift gunship with many capabilities. Our
SAE (Search and Eliminate) modules bring terror wherever they go, for they are the ultimate in long-range warhead technology. For the weaker in heart, the Igadzra are renowned as master traders, shrewdly negotiating and selling our wares for almost
obscene profit. Join us and become on of the true Masters of the Crescent...

-ford prefect, Praetor and Lord-Admiral of the Igadzra Empire

Ford Prefect, Igadzra GM (Karrde23@aol.com)


YOU are RIGHT for the Zidagar Federation! YOU are qualified,
and are GUARANTEED admission to the Zidagar Federation.
This is a Good Thing. The Zidagar Federation is the most powerful
and best organized of all the Strands. We are the True Strand, the
culmination of all the other strands, technologically and emotionally.

We have the stratagems of the Igadzira, plus their shield and guidance
Technologies. We have developed, socially and intellectually, beyond
such crutches; our ships fight, in unison, supporting each other, something
The Igadzira are psychologically incapable of doing.

We have the fighting capabilities of the Azdagari; we have shield and
Maneuvering upgrades to match anything they can devise. Yet we
Are capable of holding territory and performing long, complicated
Pitched battles, something the Azdagari cannot do.

Thus, you can see what a glorious future unfolds before the Zidagar!
Located centrally, we have STRONG economic ties with the Miranu,
The most stable government in the galaxy. We have ties to most all major
Powers, and we have huge amounts of research, keeping us well on top.
We have a great, glorious Navy, the most dangerous and feared navy in the
galaxy! The backbone of this navy are the Zidara Fleets. What makes this navy so glorious?

Zidaras are the most powerful destroyers in the galaxy, and even as few as 3
can destroy any cruiser in the galaxy. THESE ARE AVAILABLE TO ALL ZIDAGAR!!!

Zidaras are well balanced ships, armed with turrets, rockets, and fighters,
yet twice as maneuverable as its closest rival! But what makes them the Scourge of the Crescent is the terrifying Phased Beam! This is a devastating weapon which wastes our enemies beneath our feet. This, too, Is available to EVERY ZIDAGAR!!!

Afraid of Igadzra SAEs? Don't be. Yet another tech available to ANY Zidagar,
Is the Zidagar ECM. This devises a screen about the ship, making SAEs and the
Weaker SADs totally ineffective.

So sign up! Join the True Strand, the pinnacle of
Strand Socioeconomicpsychologicphysiologictechnologicintellectual Development!

White Star, Zidigar GM (one_ring@usa.net)


Miranu Summary: The Miranu are a peaceful, yet powerful government that will allow you to build your forces up and provide you with safe travel no matter where you go.
Our allies will be more than loyal to you and will help you in any moments of
need. Once you have fullfilled your dream of making your fortune and gaining
power, it is recommended that you move onto the Zachit....possibly the most
respected group in the galaxy. The Zachits role is to combat the North Tip
renegades...keeping them away from Miranu space and to stop them from entering
strand systems. It is an honor to be called a Zachit as they might be one of
the most important roles a pilot can fill.

Zachit Summary: Enter the Zachit. A group of the most elite pilots in the galaxy, the strongest, the smartest, and the most devious minds known are in the Zachit. No uniform, only a single small badge to signify your allegence.

The best fighters in the known galaxy, tougher then the strands, and capable of taking out their counterparts and larger classes.

Best part is, we do not have all that many rules.

Apply for the name Zacha today,

Ironman, Miranu GM (geetar1@usa.net)
Dragos, Zachit Leader (dragos07@excite.com)


The other Governments all make very good cases for themselves, and everyone without a doubt has their own opinion about what the best government is. But when you consider your choice, be sure to have the United Earth at the top of your list.

Why? The United Earth is the dominant power in the galactic southwest. We are the strongest force opposing the tyrant Voinians, without the UE who knows what other places in the galaxy would be under threat? The Voinian wars are certain to be full of action, believe me if you join the United Earth you will NOT be bored. There will be lots of action at the UE/Voinian border, and if that's not enough you can also get special well-paying bar missions at practically any time, no matter what your condition is. We also sport one of the largest mission computers in the RPG, at the time of this writing we are 15 missions and counting. We have some of the best cost-effective ships in the RPG, so building a strong fleet for yourself will be much easier than if you join one of the more "advanced" races.

Want powerful technology on your side? The United Earth will be developing new technology even more powerful than its current arsenal. We will always try to promote innovation, and players who create new tech will be handsomely rewarded. Don't go with the Voinians and their primitive tech, or with the Renegades and their puny vessels. Join the UE and enjoy the best cutting edge technology you'll find in the southwestern galaxy.

Want to do some bounty hunting and kill Renegades? The United Earth will pay good money for anti-renegade players. There is Renegade activity just jumps away from UE space, so there will be almost as much action there as there will be on the Voinian border.

Want to be a trader? Then join the UE and set up commodity shops in one of the busiest areas of the galaxy, or trade commodies yourself with a fleet of cheap & cost-effective UE cargo ships at your side. Or perhaps special rush missions with a little risk and a lot of pay are more your style? We will have those too.

No matter what you're playing style, there is a place for you in the UE. Rest assured the UE Government will be one of the most active Govs in the RPG bar none.

Bottom line: If you want action, the UE is the place to be!

UE Crusader, UE cGM (crusader125@hotmail.com)
Siege, UE cGM

Visit the UE pages: (url="http://"http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/ue")http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/ue(/url)


Want to join a government that will give you a nice desk job? Give you weekly pay? Give you the luxuries of life? Good, then join another gov.

Are you blood thirsty, battle experienced, and want to kill people for fun? Then join the Renegades!

We are looking for people that want to kill others, raid merchants, and steal from the rich and give to us. Want some action?

Want to be sneaky? Want to deal with matters "in the shadows"? Then come to us, as we treat our own very good.

Lexington, cGM (lex2lex@mailcity.com)
Captain Scurvy, cGM (Markaz2001@aol.com)

If you are interested in joining the Renegades, please visit our pages here. (url="http://"http://ren2.cjb.net>Renegade")http://ren2.cjb.net>Renegade(/url) pages

Lexington, cGM (lex2lex@mailcity.com)
Captain Scurvy, cGM (Markaz2001@aol.com)

OK, you've read all the summaries. So now what do you do? Simple. Just go to (url="http://"http://www.oxy-soft.com/uevo")http://www.oxy-soft.com/uevo(/url) and you will be taken to the EVO-RPG main site. You join by clicking on "New Pilot" as I described earlier. Then you check out the RPG message board. If you have any further questions about the game or a particular government, there are numerous people there who can answer them for you. The RPG is certain to start the very day this post is being made! If you want to join up, now is the time if you want your character or characters in and kicking at about start time.

I hope I have convinced you by now that this is an EVO experience unlike any other. Make no mistake, there is no other game with the possibilities of this one. You know why you should join, so what are you waiting for? Be good to yourself, and join up! You know you want to!

So don't deny yourself a moment longer.

Join the uEVO-RPG Today!


In the wors of the Monty Python comedy troupe:
"Spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam, it's wonderful spam..."
etc. etc. etc. 🙂 sorry couldn't help meself.

"Where'd you get those


Here is UEC, talking about a literal EVO-MP (not a real live one, but sure as hell close enough as you can get) something which people have now been asking about for months.

So he posts with the RPG, being completly revamped, with totally new stuff, this RPG was literally designed off of EVO.

And you call it spam?

Do you also call EVO sites, EVO stories, and EVO plugs spam? 😛

I dare you to go to the EVO RPG board and call it spam 😉

Heh, now go visit it and join!


Spam, eh? Well why don't you check out the game, and prove you're right..... 😉


This game is text based??!!! I haven't actually signed up yet, but I would think having the game text based would completely suck out the fun.

To anyone who has actually tried this, is it any good?


This game is text based??!!! I haven't actually signed up yet, but I would think having the game text based would completely suck out the fun.

To anyone who has actually tried this, is it any good?


"hi i'm larry flint, welcome to bible hour" - Drew Carey

(url="http://"")()rion Productions(/url)
~ Robin ( (url="http://"mailto:funky_cheeze@usa.net")mailto:funky_cheeze@usa.net(/url)funky_cheeze@usa.net

Yo, UE Cru., could you send me all that info, but shortend? for all of us who don't have the time to read it?


Mr. Mulder, CIA


It's fine untill some ******* gets into a place of simi power and starts cheating, or the admins go on a vacation without telling anyone. Then it blows.

Speaking of which, should I keep working on that battle thingy?


Life is but a dream. Pass the coffee, please.
Could I have an order of Discboard with that?

Heh, hello Skunko.........I see you still have a flair for......abrupt comments. 🙂

Heh this time the admin never goes on vacation, because there's a Council that des everything.

Hell yea keep working on that prog, we'd love to have it!

Hey maybe you should rejoin as a player, things are greatly improved and things will be a good deal more fun than last time......all the old strand GM's are way past bickering now.......



Mr. Mulder: The quickest way to get info on the RPG is to go to the RPG site (http://www.oxy-soft.com/uevo) and find out more about it there. Any questions you have will be answered in full on the board.

Don't join UE though.....we have our player limit for right now. Emalgha could use some people though, as could the Renegades. I hear there's room in the Igadzra and Azdgari as well, if you're interested in the strand wars. Of course the Voinians have space too, although it'd be a real shame to join them and suffer defeat at my hands..... 😛

Bear in mind each person can have 2 players if he wants. 😉



I'd rather program my ass off, UEC. I'll email you the URL for the stuff though. Or ask Skurvey.


Life is but a dream. Pass the coffee, please.
Could I have an order of Discboard with that?

By the way, i'm sorry about my JOKE. I beg for mercy from the U-Evo RPG community.

"Where'd you get those

The URL would be cool, Skunko....thanks. 🙂


Is it possible to register without your email address if youre on independent and just not get private messages? I would like to join but not give out my email address. People might send spam or something.

Uh.. Yeah, I play EV...

Just go to Yahoo/whatever to get a RPG-only addy.


Life is but a dream. Pass the coffee, please.
Could I have an order of Discboard with that?

EV player: You are not required to divulge your e-mail address to play the RPG, not in the least. In fact many Govs use message boards to communicate anyway.....

The game can be played without using e-mail.


I think Crunch's complaint might have been because there was a LOT of information there. I think there was a bit more than what was needed. Quite a bit more. If people are interested..they can go the web site and get the details, I think that might have been better than posting all of them here.

Now..having said that..I think this is great. 🙂 A chance to combine EVO with an rpg? Two of my favorite things. Very cool idea. I'll be checking this one out. Thanks for letting us know about it.


I am Thomas Schaut, AKA "Kit Fox." I'd like to join the Igadzara recruitment. I qualify because I have a mighty fleet of 3 UE cruisers, 2 Igadzara, 1 Vonian Frigate, 20 UE fighters. I have over 100 million credits. I have legitimately conquered over 50% of the galaxy: all the Miranu, all Zidgar, all Azdgari, all Vonian, all renegades, and the Council Station (no cheats). I am paid 230 Million Credits per day. My combat rating is 'ultimate." All who are not my ally are my enemies and are vanquished. There are no "red dots" on the map.

My legal status in Igadzara is "Role Model" at the lowest, and "Pillar of Society" at the highest. Yet, I haven't been offered any missions. In my game you are my first "draft pick" against the Vonoians. You are my biggest allies. I think if we pool our resources we can surely crush the rest of the universe.

KitFox the Ultimate Space Conqueror

UE Crusader, how long did it take for you to type that up? :eek:

"Arthur Philip Dent?" pursued the alien in a kind of efficient yap.
"Er...er...yes...er...er...," confirmed Arthur.
"Your're a jerk," repeated the alien, "a complete kneebiter."

By the way, it's totally free to sign up and use, isn't it?

Uh.. Yeah, I play EV...