Ev-Edit Questions

How do i remove items(i.e.ships, weapons,etc.) from the plugin? i am making a whole new galaxy and I dont know how to get things out of my galaxy. Also are there any freeware graphic to sprite programs? what graphics applications did you use? where can i get it?


This response is geared more toward ResEdit, but here goes:

To remove resources from EVO, simply replace them with blank resources. I don't know the exact mechanics of it in EV-Edit.

Freeware programs - Clayscape is a good, free, 3d program that needs OpenGL - (url="http://"http://www.jarfish.com")www.jarfish.com(/url) . Mechanisto is a popular shareware 3d program - there's a mirror download at (url="http://"http://www.grand-novice.com")Grand Novice Software(/url); look at the downloads section in the EV section. Ask around on the Developer's Corner for more info from the true masters.

And if you're really desperate, you can always use ClarisWorks.

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EV-Edit sucks @$$. It causes all kinds of problems. Use Res-Edit. Trust me because later on you will discover that using EV-Edit was a waste of time.


please for gods sake!!!!!!! stop using EV-edit now!! I was using it for about three weeks, and once when i booted it up i had found that everysingle thing i had done had been trashed! Trust me, that will happen to you soon enough.

Res edit isn't hard to use, infact in many ways its easier than EV-edit to use, but the system placing is a bit hard obviously, but you can get around that easily enough.

For graphix I use Strata Vision and Pixels 3D for doing 3D (If you can get back issues of Mac Addict, get #38, it has those two 3D programs for FREE plus another one, which has a time limit!) and I use Adobe Photoshop to import the 3D and turn it into a sprite, but all those programs if you can't get them for free or off your dad (photoshop photoshop) they all end up costing you about $3000, but you don't need the graphix programs i use, if you are just doing wee graphix, not making 64 ships like i am for my plug in...

hope this helps, have safe sex, and don't use EV-edit!