Can someone help me w/this mission?

Can someone help me with this mission? Ive played it before, but I can't remember where someone is. Im at the part in the Frozen heart where you are suppossed find the women hiding in the algae tanks(I can't remember, is it jesta hela?) Then im suppossed to take her to northstar in polaris. Does anyone remember where she is hiding out? can u give me a system or at least a planet near where she is? thanx all


Sorry, no. For the most part, I never even liked Frozen Heart. The ships didn't look real (sorry, I am a fanatic about ships) 🙂

DJ Fatty is alive!

Were can I get frozen Heart?

Mr. Mulder, CIA


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**Were can I get frozen Heart?


In the EVO addons page my friend. Many alpogies to MaCmAn2000, I don't konw where it is. Sorry.