What happened to those wonderful guides that used to be available on For that matter, what happened to Whenever I click on a link to it, it brings me to Ambrosia's site. Did you guys just swallow it up?

Just wondering...

Well...I don't now but if you're looking for the old ships page I say check out the one of the uEVO-RPG. It sounds silly but It looks exactly the same like the old page except it is complete 🙂 .

The old EV website was a great site, wasn't it. I don't know what happened to it but it happened in the month that I didn't have acces to the internet and it left me stunned not to find it. Anynomous, what is location for this site??

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Ambrosia has essentially commandeered the official EV/O sites; they now are product pages for EV and EVO (albeit very elegant product pages). You can download guides at the add-ons section. For the uEVO-RPG site, check the uEVO-RPG recruitment topic by UE Crusader further down.

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