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i am a loyal mac'er and i have played the greatest game in the world but have noticed a few problems or things that i dont like. 1 is the system boundary i was playing lastnight and i had to kill off this fleet but my help and i use that word loosly lured them beyond the boundary and with no long range weapons left there was nothing i could do. it took my guys a halfhour to kill em off with capslock on and game speed set to 225%. whats with that. i would also like to see some more stuff with missions and goverments i have found that a goverment will only give you money and there warships this sucks there should be more of a plotline behind it. some of you have read my post about statitions and some replied but it would be nice if they gave you a station or something that would actually be vital to the government if you screwed up. anotherthing whats with these defend a planet from pirates or anything else missions if you cant finish them and you jump out something should happen instead of you jumping back in a year later and the same pirates are still attacking the same system with no casualties. i really dislike that. if you die during a mission you shouldnt be able to revive yourself and continue the mission. you should have failed since you would be floating around in space. i hate that. i still havent seen the end of the origanal ev because i dont use holoreconstruction. in other words i die i am dead. and i dont know about anyone else but to be beamweapons and most bays totaly SUCK the beam requires u to aim your ship and the A.I. of fighters is worse than the intelligence of the cats that look like they ran into the wall. what the hell cant we get some better ai i think m burch incorporated that into version 1.0.2 but im not sure. anyways i would like to here replies and other sugestions 🙂

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I don't know what the hell you are talking about.
Could you rephrase it?


Yeah, it'd make a lot more sense if you used proper English (I'm not real big on mistakes, but when you can hardly understand what you're saying, it can be quite frustrating.) Also, you should take a look at the list of improvements before going on and saying more stuff. The AI should make fighters much more powerful (well more like skilled and thus more deadly), and most of what you were talking about has nothing to do with the game engine, but rather the scenario which Matt doesn't have anything to do with. However, I do agree that AI ships shouldn't be able to pass the boundary either.


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This is your 3rd or 4th feature request. None of this is gonna happen, so shut up already!

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Let's translate:


Originally posted by wraith:

Hi, I am a loyal mac user (= I love Steve Jobs and fruity colors) and I enjoy playing the (in my worthless opinion) greatest game in the world, EVO. Though, I have noticed a few things that I don't like.

One is the system boundary. I was playing last night and I had to kill off a fleet. Unfortunatly my escorts and I lured them beyond the screen boundary. I had no long range weapons left so there was nothing I could do. It took my escorts a half hour to kill them - with capslock on and game speed set to 225%!! What's with that?

The second point I would like to bring up deals with missions and goverments.
I have found that a goverment will only give you money and their mďsnbit warships. This displeases me. There should be more of a plotline behind it (What the hell am I talking about??? Have I played the missions, or did I just read the freakin' quicktext?).

Once again, I am going to bring up my post concerning the building of stations. Blah Blah blah. It seem I haven't gotten the clue that it's a dumb idea and doesn't fit in with the way EV was designed. I should go play startcraft.

Point 3: What is with the missions involving you defending a planet from pirates (rather renegades) or something similiar? If you can not complete them all you have to do is jump (warp) out (What the hell am I talking about? If you can't complete them, ABORT!) I think you should not be able to jump (warp) back into the system a year or so later and find the same (how do I know they are the same??) pirates attacking system. I really dislike that.

My fourth point: If you die during a mission you shouldn't be able to revive (reincarnate???) yourself and continue the mission. You should have failed because you would be floating around in space (sooooo?). I hate that. Wait, I am an idiot, just because you're ship blows up and you have to abandon ship doesn't mean you could STILL finish the mission when you get a new one.

I still haven't completed -origanal?- EV (there were more EV's??) because I do not use holoreconstruction (What the hell am I talking about?). Excuse me, I am an idiot, what I mean is when my pilot dies, he is not reincarnated. I am also too stupid to buy an escape pod, so I die.

Last point: I dont know about anyone else, but to be beam weapons and most fighter bays displease me. For example, the beam requires you to aim your ship (I DON'T HAVE REFLEXES I CAN'T STEER!!).What I find particularily annoying is that the A.I. of fighters is worse than the intelligence of myself. Why doesn't the AI have more complicated manuevers. Oh yea, it's because AI is not as easy as one thinks it is to program. Then again, when you don't know anything about programming, you automatically have the right to critize others on THEIR programming skills.

I was cooking with the microwave door open again, so I don't recall with clarity, nor did I bother to read any of the information listed on the site that clearly showed the AI WAS going to be improved. Anyways, I would like to hear replies and other sugestions to my unneeded post.

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Hear hear. Matt isn't going to do every little thing somebody blathers out. Besides, that was so garbled-looking I got to the 15th word in the first sentence and gave up. Holy ****, boy, learn some grammar.

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Nice translation skills, mikee. Thinking of going into that field?

Analysis, Mr. Spock?

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The reason why there is a system boundary is so that the user doesn't fly his ship so far out that the coordinate variables overflow or underflow. It's simply insurance on the part of the programmer. The reason it only effects you is because the AI will never have a reason to fly its ship so far out that it can cause such an error. Now, stop bothering _Syntax. He's very busy. He's much smarter than you are. Perhaps if you bothered to make your feature request minimally legible you might get a response.

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Originally posted by Obormot:
**Nice translation skills, mikee. Thinking of going into that field?

Nope, English ain't my major 😃

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Nice translation. I have awful reflexes myself, and I can NOT handle the combat missions. That is also probably why I cant even get to Spica in FH.