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All I have to make ship graphics is the Graphics Converter are there any other ways to create Ship graphics(preferebly cool ones 🙂 ) I would like to know them...

Well, if you've got the Nov. 98 issue of MacAddict you can find Strata's Vision3d 4.0 onboard. Other than that, I would check eBay to find a good deal on a recent version of RayDream Studio or Inini-D. Oh, and if you can find Mechanisto anywhere online, I would recommend it. Now, about pricing:

Vision3d + Mechanisto: Free

RayDream + Infini-D (both pro quality 3d modelers): Something like $400 full price, but check eBay first.

Oh, if you want to make landscapes, you'll probably need Bryce ($500, I think). It just got sold to Corel, and they have a reputation for hating Macs. The only solution to accquiring Bryce is piracy or eBay if it is not released for the Mac. You can always get the demo, then take a screenshot before your landscape finishes rendering.

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Micah; There IS a difference between Vision3d and StrataVision 3d, y'know.

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Machinesto can be found on the Ambrosia ftp in the EV utilites.

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