Wow, its been a long time...

I'm not sure how many of you out there remember me... I was around before the old boards were taken down and these ones replaced them. I was perusing through some old bookmarks and noticed "Escape Velocity: Comm" listed in one of my categories... Wow, it brought back lots of good memories. Anyhow, I wanted to stop by, seeing as how I havn't done so in a couple of months.
I'm amazed at the number of newbies (no offense intended, its just my way of clasifying newer members) that are now on the boards -- and how few of the "old generation" are still present. I'm astounding by how much things have changed. Wow...
I played EVO today for the first time in over half a year... that game is just as good the first time you play it as the last. Maybe this board is the same way...

Anyhow, sorry for getting sentimental..

Let me know if you remember who I am,


I had just started posting on the old boards before the move, and the name "BD" rings a bell.


Yeah, I remember you. Do you remember me? Yeah, things have certainly changed. Both this and Blazer's board ( (url="http://"") ) are still very active. A lot of the older board members are over there.

Nice seeing somebody who remebers the old board days. 🙂


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Yea I do, you're still "running" Aeon...

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