mission strings

i am still trying to get the mission with dr. gustav at paaren station. i have an ultimate combat rating and have at least an upstanding citizen record in each ue system. i know you have to build paaren station and i have done other mission strings for the ue, but do you have to complete some specific mission string to get this one? and what about others, do you have to complete certain mission strings to get others (besides the ones that are obviously needed to get another one)?

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who the hell is dr. gustav?


You have to go around UE space looking in a mission computer for deliveries for Paaren station.If this doesn't help then start a new pilot file (If you think it's worth it) as it may be a bug.

Hey, are you talking about the Dr. Gustav mission that comes with the "Beyond the Crescent" plugin???? If you are, you can get the mission by going to Pareen Station and following the missions they give out.... I think finding Gustav is like the 10th mission or somethign.

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