Voinians suck

Vonians suck, that is all I have to say

Man who piss with zipper closed is not quite right

Why do you say that? go in the crecsent and they kick any ship's a$$, I use a voinian frigate with dospect/bronev plating, full complement of neutron tech, all the ship engine, turn and acell upgrades, eaven the azdagari (sp) upgrade, 4 shield upgrades, and the shield booster (normal one), cloaking device (witch is really good cuse they don't have any shields) and some other stuff.

I'll Eliminat u!

I like the cruser and dreadnought

"How can i make it go faster"? -Me-

You've never worked for them, have you? The pay more money for cargo missions than anyone else. I went from a Helian to a C. Warship in 45 min working for them, and I even took a bathroom break so it might have been 43 minutes.

"The toilet is over there!"

-Stalin at the Yalta Confrence, denouncing one of Churchill's ideas.


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