I am currently trying to do the Azdarian missions,
but do not know where to start. I am already a
good egg and have a excellent rating but can't find the start.

Which brings up...
Which is the best strand,
mission-wise and benefits-wise?
In your opinions?


The Azdgari missions start at South Tip Station, I believe. As for the strands, the best (IMO) is Azdgari, then Igadzra, then Zidagar.

Analysis, Mr. Spock?

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The Zidigar should be more equal when EV:O 1.0.2 comes out. It'll make their beams work again, plus it'll give them an edge over the Igadzra because of their maneuverability.


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The Azdgari offer quick, violent missions. The good kind...

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I like the nature of the Azdgari. They have a good sense of humor, are fast, and prefer speed to sheer power.

Their tactics are fun too - total chaos.

Finally, they have the best technology in 1.0.2b - Azdara Bay.


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