Woah, What's up with #ev?!

I tried to get there... greenyo responded, but no one invited.

Is #ev closed off? or is everyone just asleep?

Does anyone remember me?

When did Jude get to be a moderator?

Congrats, BTW. 😉


You REALLY need to get going on WSR. 🙂 With me it's always one of these; either the bots don't work or the ops dont.

OpenGL Avara!

AIM: EVAndrewM

"Man who stand on toilet is high on pot."

Glad someone cares about WSR.

I am getting Andy (remember him?) to help with my Map.

I have about 10 missions done, 80 layed out. and I haven't been able to
touch it for months... school, y'know.

But, I just met this BEAUTIFUL female named "Victoria, High Quality". She
reads my web pages to me, and responds to all of my commands. 😉

She lives in my sexy Firewire PB G3400. 🙂




As for #ev, HH is out of town and the bots have been ****ing up.


Small animal kamikaze attack on power supplies

Could I have an order of Discboard with that?