Hey, how does one redeem onelself?

That is, once you have started dominating planets, etc., it seems somewhat difficult to get to all the missions (duh!). Can this be "undone?"

It all depends on the government you dominated. If you have dominated a lot of places...self destruct is the best bet if you wanna re-start with a clean slate.

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Not to sound ignorant, but this is my first time reading this board; the terms may not be commonly defined (?); self-destruct as in "blow up my ship and start over in my shuttlecraft with the same name and $" or "friggin quit and start over fresh!" or what?


yes, he means blow your self up, look in the prefs to see what it is, of course it will only work if you have an escape pod. if you don't want to do that, simply download a plugin that makes the fake ID work eveywhere.


No,no no no!If you want to have a clean status with your captured planets.If you have captured any UE planets/Stations just land on Gorky/Freeport and get a fake ID.If its anywhere else than contact the plant and 'release from servitude'.Then do the following:
Renegades:Kill militia
Voinians:Kill UE or Emalgha
Emalgha:Kill Voinians
Miranu:Kill Renegades
Azdgari:Kill Izdgari or Zidager
Izdgari:Kill Azdgari or Zidager
Zidager:Kill Izdgari or Azdgari
Independant:Kill renegades
Council:No way
Pax:No way