While we're talking about feature requests...

I know this one would take considerable time and effort, but here's one thing I think should be included in a future version of EV/EVO.
I think it would be nice if plugin makers could change the background of individual systems. Like maybe have a backgrounds field in the syst resources. This could be used for like when someone's in a nebula as compared to somewhere deep in the void of space. This could even be stretched to make land terrains available as well. Like, you take your ship from space and fly over a planet's ocean or desert or forests or ice caps, or any other terrain a plugin maker could dream up.
Like I said, this would definately take lots of time and effort, and may even make the game require a more powerful computer, but I think it would be nice to have.
Now if it would work on my IIci, I'd be really happy...

Knucklehead, Aeon Productions


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i kinda think that part of the fun of a sequel or new release is that it is new. I really liked when i just downloaded evo, and i had absolutely no idea what it was about. I like the idea of being in a totally new universe, just exploring. well, that's my two pence.


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