When you post a rep....

I just want to say, to se if any one agree´s, that when you reply you get back to the topic you were reading, wouldn´t it be better to get two choices when you had posted the reply:
1.Return to topic
2.Return to message board(main).
This would probably save you some time, as many times as you have posted the reply, you have read all the posts at the topic and just have to wait until you get back to the topic and can return to the message bord(main).
So, does any one agree on this. It´s just an thought, so don´t get mad at me if you don´t like the idea.
I guess i´m kind of lazy.
If it´s quality software you can read "Made by Macintosh"


Thanks a lot for your thoughts about it. Lot´s of replies to read, pleas post some replies DA**IT!!!
If it´s quality software you can read "Made by Macintosh"


Sorry I did not see this one. I agree.

It depends on the defintion of "is" is.

-Bill Clinton

Thank you! At last someone replies to my post!)
If it´s quality software you can read "Made by Macintosh"

Year,good idea Shadow.What are we talking about again?

Actually, if you had seen the real disc boards, the layout was much better. You could see all the responses, you could name the topics for your responses so you could just put a simple answer and put "n/t" at the end.

There wasn't this thing with over two dozen responses when only one or two is needed.

Basically, this sucks.

One cannot walk down an avenue, converse with a friend, enter a building, browse beneath the sandstone arches of old towns without meeting with an instrument of time.

Time is visible in all places.

Clock towers, wristwatches, church bells divide years into months, months into days, days into hours, hours into seconds, each increment of time marching after the other in perfect succession. And beyond any particular clock, a vast scaffold of time, stretching across the universe, lays down the law of time equally for all.

In this world, a second is a second is a second.

Time moves forward with unwavering regularity.

Time is an infinite ruler.

Time is absolute.