adzagi missions

i have done enough missions for the adzagi so that i have availability to the azdara and all the azdargi technology. i have not however, completed a central objective for the azdargi. i keep getting these missions for raids and rescue missions. is there more to do for this race, and if so do this raid or rescue missions play a part in it


In the Azdgari system go to the planet Xarnes. In the spaceport bar a mission will come up to help out this scienist. Take it and from there you will get what you what.

It depends on the defintion of "is" is.

You have a question, I have an answer. I assume you finished tour of Duty 1 (of course you have, otherwise you couldn't do the raiding missions and stuff). The raiding missions are in the Ziggy Conflict mission set. You want the New Shield Generator missions... You get the first one in Xarnes (I don't know the system). Good luck with them. (HARD). BTW, you need to have a high combat rating and a really really really really X10 rating in Azdgari systems (kill IGGIES!!!!!!!!! (or ziggies).

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thanks for all the help. how good of a rating are we talking about, upstanding citizen? role model? (is there a higher one than role model?)


Ignore him- If you got the first missions, you dont need any higher combat/legal status.

Just hang around in Azdgari space for a while, occasionally attacking on your own (the raids are boring, and dont pay well.)

If you find a disabled enemy warship (Zidara or Igzara), board it and take their cash.


Small animal kamikaze attack on power supplies

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