I started yet another new pilot to try out something new to me--fleet warfare. I found that it is the coolest thing in EVO...Better than flying circles in an Azdara. It's awesome to take off, hear a warning, watch about 20 little ships launch, and four seconds later no one else in system. I got myself a UE Cruiser, captured some planets, went south, captured turncoats, waited for a bounty hunter, captured him. Anyway, I was wondering what everyone's favorite fleet combos were. So what are they? (No plugin ships).

So what if they say I'm a stupid loser? I can beat the snot out of 'em at C&C;: TS...

UE Cruiser as my ship and 6 captured UE Destroyers.

It depends on the defintion of "is" is.

Igazra and as many crecent warships as I can get.
It would be cool to have a fleet of 4 Dreadnoughts as escorts!!! And it is possible, not easy though!!!!
If it´s quality software you can read "Made by Macintosh"