oops! (miranu)

I was flying around in my lovely ship one day (UE Space) when i zoomed out and noticed that every Miranu system hated me. I wondered about this for awhile, then realized that i had to go up north for some reason through miranu space. I ended up out of fuel at the southern tip of M space. I got really impatient with the fuel scoops and i was too proud to beg, so I (along with 3 C warships and 2 turncoats in my fleet) dominated a small Miranu planet--just a little one. Of course everyone up there hates me now. Anyway to fix that? (If anyone mentions the word "plug-in", "editor", "cheat", etc I will smack them).

Also, I tried the first Azdgari in a UE cruiser, exceeded time limit. Now I'm trying to do the first Iggy mission in the Cruiser, and I only have time for 13 jumps, so i dunno if i can make it. Please help.


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There is two ways. Kill a lot of renegades, or buy an escape pod and self destruct.

It depends on the defintion of "is" is.

You got to get into a smaler ship to make the mission time limit, bigger=slower(even traveling through hyperspace takes longer time". A small ship like the arada should easly make it, or some other small ship. Hope that helps. Shadow.
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