Other games?

Who here playes other Ambrosia Games? Just asking. Whot would they be? Ares,Frazel's Wand(ugh. anyone know a funny name that rhyms?) or Chyderia (sp.)


Ares is pretty cool. Not as goos as EV and EVO, but good.

It depends on the defintion of "is" is.

I have the demo of Ferazel's Wand (really cool!), Ares/Cythera really stunk.

OpenGL Avara!

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Cythera doesn't run on my computer, even though it should. Ferazel's Wand doesn't run on it either. Harry's pretty cool, though the editor is really buggy. I don't like Ares. I played Maelstrom in 7th grade. All the others are not my style.

Analysis, Mr. Spock?

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Couldn't get on with Ares, too fiddly, great pity, lovely game trying to get out of there somewhere methinks. Harry amused me (the demo only), I never registered it but perhaps I should take another look. Cythera registered. I dunno, I think it's a goodie. Nothing compares to EV/O so far.


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