Restarted and now stuck!

I got an iMac and had to restart evo again coz i couldn't copy my file over from my centris (yes, very old!) but the game is so much fun i didn't care and now i'm gonna register coz i'm online at LAST.


This time around it seems to be taking me ages to get a juicy mission. I reckon i need to start shooting stuff up to get a good rating before UE or anyone will offer me military style missions as opposed to "Outpost Alpha needs medical supplies! Will you help?" stuff. Yes?

Also, every so often someone offers me a mission to Paaren Station, where I know they're rebuilding. Is the frequency of finding these missions purely random or are they specifically found on certain planets? Or are they related to what I've been doing recently? Or are they in fact completely random? Is there an outcome to this strand of plot? I'm just curious as to how these things work wothin the game...

Futhermore! 🙂 I've been flying around in my scoutship checking out the map, but clearly I'm no match for ANY of the important enemies or ships, and as such am not getting anything other than UE and SC stuff. Is that normal? Is it possible at all to get any positive feedback off the renegades or Idzgara etc at such an early stage?

Sorry this went on. This game is so utterly astonishing it just eats up my brain.

H. H.


Paaren are random. Since you have a scoutship go to Mira. You can get some missions worth a lot of money there. If it is taking too long to get back where you were I might suggest cheat plug-ins. However it takes the fun out of the game though.

It depends on the defintion of "is" is.

Bah. Just go to Mira, run to Sol, run back to Mira, run to Blaga, then do the Blaga missions all over untill you're getting Urgent's up the Wazoo.

Then, buy an Arada, arm it with Swivel and secondary weapon of choice. Then attack Renegades in either UE or Zachit space.

If you need some money for something, or are bored, poke around in UE space. Try the Military moon, the big non-Earth shipyard or the southern UE/Reng border planet.


Small animal kamikaze attack on power supplies

Could I have an order of Discboard with that?