Why expanding ships is hard

You haven't been considering the potential memory problem. If you expand to 128 it might be okay, but 256 is definitely out of the question. These things require way too much memory, because I believe the sprites are all dumped into the memory - it would take significant rewriting of code to fix this.

Remember that EV was designed to work on pre-PPC machines as well.

It would always be nice to have more, but management might be harder - I don't see why a small increase can't be done though.

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This will happen only if the max number of sprites is used. It is conceivable to max out ships but not sprites, make the sprites smaller, etc. This would allow for more "variants" with same sprites, as my friend did in one plugin he made.

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Does any one have(I mean use) a pre-PPC? Isn´t it time to buy a new if so? Unless you are Uncle Scrooge or what ever.
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I have a Performa 637, 68LC040. I use my mom's PC for internet, and I hae no money for a new computer. So I have to use my old Mac for EV.

Analysis, Mr. Spock?

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I have a Performa 580- affectionately nicknamed 'the clunker'- I use it for everything. EV, internet, graphics

The reason? One word: Money. We are getting a new Mac soon- prob'ly iMac, but as of now it's still the clunker.

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