EV/O Plug Editors

Well, after my stunt of no EV/O of a couple months and 2 HD drive-reformats, I'm deciding to get back into the EVO groove. So I've alredy brainstormed a couple idea of making plug-ins.
The big reason I'm posting is to see what editors are out there (other than ResEdit) for the creation of plugins, and where they might be found.
Thanks for the assistance in advance. 🙂

Scytrin Dai Kinthra

Try a combination of Resorcerer (if you own it) and my Annotated EVO Templates ( (url="http://"http://lightningbolt.pair.com/products/evo-templates/index.html")http://lightningbolt...ates/index.html(/url) ). They are a lot better than the normal templates and are almost necessary if you are into not using EV-Edit to edit your plug-ins.

Tim Morgan
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